Meet Shawntay Fisher | Celebrity Makeup Artist & CEO

Meet Shawntay! With an initial interest in television production, Shawntay Fisher was determined to be a part of the entertainment industry. Upon manifesting her dreams into reality, Shawntay is now a professional makeup artist and image consultant working in the world of media. With over ten years of experience in the television, film, and broadcast industry, Shawntay has done makeup for programs such as “Good Morning America,” “The Wire,” and CNN. Her client list includes a wide range of public figures and politicians from Scandal’s Judy Smith to Anderson Cooper, and Ava DuVernay.

Shawntay continues to build her empire by laying down the bricks to her success. In 2006, she founded Samone Colors LLC., a makeup and image consulting firm, which employs other talented makeup artists to work on different film, print, or commercial projects. The makeup specialist’s journey illustrates the product of self-perseverance, patience, and fiery initiative. Young, aspiring creatives are encouraged to follow Shawntay’s story as they make their own dreams into reality,

For those who don’t know, could you tell us who Shawntay Fisher is?

S: Bubbly, vibrant, and confident. I am blessed with an eye for beauty, style, and fashion. I am the president and founder of Samone Colors LLC., Makeup and Image Consulting Firm. My gifts and artistic skills have graced numerous celebrity faces, major television network and productions. I have been a makeup artist for numerous celebrities including: former Vice President Al Gore, Jr., Raven Symone, ABC’s “Scandal” Judy Smith, “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts, Bill Cosby, Katt Williams, Jasmine Guy, and many more. I’ve also had the privilege of working President Barack Obama’s first inauguration and most recently, have had the honor to work with Ava DuVernay on her Netflix Oscar Nominated Documentary “13”.

I’m truly passionate about my craft. I get joy from inspiring others. In an effort to share my knowledge, I teach my techniques to those who want to learn how to use makeup as a tool to enhance their natural beauty. I specialize in image consulting and self-esteem seminars. I’m also a devoted mother of two sons, Eddie who is 16 and Zion 13.

What is an average day like?

S: If I had to describe a day of work, it would go like this: Arrive to the television network or on-set and locate the production manager. I would ask for a schedule rundown and find out where I can setup my work station.

This schedule rundown would provide me with details such as hit times, talent pictures, and the names of the people I would be working with throughout the day. I would set up my work station with makeup and hair supplies and wait for the talent to arrive.

Once I’m done with talent’s hair and makeup, I would follow them on-set to check and make sure everything is in place with their hair, makeup and wardrobe. Next, I would go to the control room to inspect my work once again before the show starts and hang out there just in case I need to do a little touch up or make some minor adjustments.

Once the shoot is “a wrap” I clean up my work area, say “goodbye” to the crew, and I like to say “until next time” because I know they will be calling me again for more work in the future. That’s just my confidence speaking into my future!

You graduated with a communications degree and had a successful career in the entertainment industry. How did the transition from communications to makeup artistry occur?

S: After working in the entertainment business for about four years. I realized something was missing. I hopped from job to job and I did not feel fulfilled. I knew I had more to offer the world and desired a career and not just a job.

One day, I received a call from a family friend who was working on a play at the Warner Theatre. She asked if I would be interested in doing the makeup for the show run. I was honored about the opportunity, however, I shared with her that I really didn’t have the experience. She replied, “You do your makeup and family members’ makeup really well! Do you want the gig or not?” Immediately, I said, “Yes! I’ll take the gig,” and the rest is history. Working this stage play was like taking in a breath of fresh air. It didn’t feel like work. It was peaceful, refreshing, and fun. I finally found my true calling—makeup artistry.

Discovering that makeup artistry and inspiring others was a passion early on in my career, I decided that lifting spirits one face at a time was my true calling. Seeking an avenue to touch the lives of others, I took a leap of faith and started my business venture: Samone Colors.

I am a firm believer that beauty comes from within and I feel that if I can uplift women and boost their self-esteem by making them feel confident and beautiful, I have accomplished one of my goals. My passion and ability to accentuate one’s best features while catering to that woman’s every need motivates me.

Why did you decide to do inner beauty and self-esteem seminars with young women?

S: In this day and age, young women are exposed to so many false realities of what the nature and substance of real beauty is. They think that by altering their bodies and mimicking what they see on television that they are capturing true beauty.

I am a firm believer that beauty comes from within. If I can uplift women and boost their self-esteem by making them feel confident and beautiful, I have accomplished one of my goals. Through motivation and encouragement, these young ladies learn how to set goals, plan projects, and to love and cherish themselves.

I am motivated to continue helping women find their inner beauty and build true confidence. Makeup artistry can be such an intimate profession, where you get close to people both physically and emotionally. It is an opportunity for me to connect with another person’s soul while empowering them to be their best self. It builds trust while allowing a person to find comfort and ease.

Shawntay Fisher worked with Ava DuVernay on the set of her Netflix documentary “13th”

Have you faced a career low?

S: Of course, I’ve faced a career low. My first year in the business I landed a gig which hired me to work four days a week with a pretty nice hourly rate. The money was coming in so quickly that I decided to splurge and have some fun.

What I didn’t realize was that one day, this gig would come to an end. With my month of work already scheduled and planned out; I showed up to work one day only to find out that there was a freeze on contractual work and this would be my last day. I was in shock!

I thought, “How could this be happening to me and what was I going to do now?” This experience taught me some valuable lessons: Never get too comfortable with your success, always be ready and prepared for what’s next, and save, save and save some more.

“There are no limits in life only the ones we place on ourselves. “

What are some of the perks of your job?

S: There are so many perks that come with my job. One of the most important is that I am my own boss and I’m in charge of my time and how I spend it. I get to choose what projects I work on and have the freedom to say no if I am not interested. I’m able to negotiate and determine how much money I want to make and I’m not afraid to walk away from an offer that does not value my worth as an artist. I get to meet all kinds of people—celebrities, politicians, actors and actresses, authors and the list goes on.

I also have the opportunity to learn from the people I work with as they share their journey to success. I get to inspire and speak to people who need it. It is surprising how much people share. I have learned to be a good listener and how to react to people’s vulnerabilities. I love the fact that my work allows me to give back while providing a service.

What advice do you have for young professionals who are about to graduate and may be apprehensive about their chosen field?

S: Do not fear the unknown; It’s the worst mistake you could ever make. Always be true to yourself and listen to the inner voice that speaks to you. Be patient with your process because life has a way of throwing curve balls. Also, know that these challenges help you get back on the right path. Remember, there are no mistakes in life, everything serves a greater purpose, so live with no regrets. Dream and believe the impossible is possible. And most importantly, never stop believing in yourself. Speak into existence the things you desire for your life because “life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

Where can people contact you?

LinkedIn, Instagram @ IseeyouShawn or at

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