Why Fit in When You Can Stand Out with Kelly Knight

Was it just me, or did anyone else think you had to be a naturally gifted genius to pursue a career in STEM? I assumed this to be true until I came across Kelly Knight’s Instagram A.K.A Kelly The Scientist. What immediately struck me about Kelly was her style. She was (and is) absolutely FLY. […]

Digging into DEI with Kanarys Founder, Mandy Price

In 2021, almost every company says they value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). They appoint DEI chairpersons, host quarterly DEI trainings, and establish DEI committees. Yet this doesn’t mean that these companies truly incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in their business model. It doesn’t mean that their initiatives are marking their workplace better for underrepresented […]

How to Navigate Being the “Only” in the Room with Latisha Roberson

Set the scene: You’re wrapping up the first week at your first “big girl” job. You get invited to join the company’s “Fri-Yay” happy hour. As you enthusiastically step into the bar and take a look around….it hits you. You’re the only woman of color…. not just at the happy hour but in the entire […]