Mia Williams

Meet Mia! Mia is a 22-year old Maryland native that is inspired by all things people. She has a curiosity for understanding people’s stories-- the victories, the failures, and everything in between. 


Growing up, Mia recognized that there was a lack of positive representation of black women in the media. She knew there were black women excelling -- we just didn’t get to see it. It was rare to find powerful black women depicted in movies or highlighted on mainstream news outlets. 


Mia then began to notice that many minority women- Muslim, Latina, Native Americans, etc. are all underrepresented in the media. As a result, Mia became a firm advocate for positive representation for women of color and strived to find a way to recognize the women who are often overlooked.

She started the Colors of Her Success because she wanted to see a platform that specifically highlighted successful women of color. With this platform Mia hopes to show young women of color that if you can see it, you can be it-- never limit yourself or your professional goals. 

Mia is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and has a professional background in Public Relations where she has contributed to organizations such as NASCAR, the Baltimore Ravens, and some of the most reputable public relations and marketing agencies . This, along with Mia's curiosity for people allowed her to create this platform and successfully tell the stories of women that will inspire the next generation. 


When Mia is not working on the Colors of Her Success, you can find her traveling, reading books, exercising, or re-watching “Sex in the City".  

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