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A must read for every woman on their journeys to becoming themselves, finding their passion, and building resilience.

As a society, we know how to be negative. We know very little about how to thrive.

Fret not, The Happiness Advantage is here to give you the real deal. Throughout this book, you will learn how to retrain your brain to capitalize on positivity, how to adjust your mindset in a way that allows you to be more successful, and how to be happy even in the midst of failure or suffering.


When followed, these principles will lead to professional success, improved relationships, and boosted confidence. 



Starting a blog? YouTube Channel? Or a business? Confidence in your brand is necessary for your success.  In this video, Erin, a full time entrepreneur and business owner, discusses 5 unexpected situations you need confidence for in entrepreneurship. -Mia Williams



Oprah visits Stanford Graduate School of Business and shares what I believe to be some of the most critical advice for young professionals starting their careers. In this student-led interview, Oprah shares the some of the most pivotal moments in her career and her rise to becoming THE Oprah Winfrey.  What is the one thing that lead Oprah to becoming the successful media executive, philanthropist, actress, and entrepreneur she is today ? Her ability to listen to her inner instinct in every situation. -Mia Williams


“It’s not about what you say, but how you say it.” Speaking with confidence is a critical step when communicating in social and professional situations. Coming off confident and assertive helps get your point across clearly and will actually have people listening….what! In this video, Nur gives advice on how to start speaking like you mean it.


Nur, a beauty/lifestyle YouTuber, has the ability to understand how people think which leads to (what I believe to be) life changing advice. I frequently refer back to this video before interviews or public speaking of any kind. If you feel people easily interrupt or don’t quite listen when you speak. I urge you to watch this video. If you feel awkward or extremely nervous when you speak, refer to Nur’s “How to have confidence video.” -Mia Williams

I avoided this book for a long time because I knew that if I read it, it would force me to change my life. I was right. The 5 Second Rule is the blueprint for achieving your goals no matter how big or small. The 5 Second rule is painfully simple and….almost silly but leads to immediate and lasting behavior changes. This is not a fluff self-help book. It is raw, it is real, and it is going to transform your life one 5 second decision at a time. I recommend listening to the audiobook because Mel Robbins’ narration adds to the experience of this book. Robbins narrates this book with humor, emotion, and added commentary that makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend tell a story. The 5 Second Rule is quite literally an investment in yourself and your life. Happy reading! -Mia Williams



At the 2016 United States of Women Conference, Oprah Winfrey and for former First Lady Michelle Obama held a legendary conversation on the next generation of women. This video covers topics from self-worth and taking advantage of your time to being brave in the corporate world. This brilliant conversation will have many take-aways as it is funny, relatable, and insightful. Though this is a lengthy video, I encourage you to make time! Listen to this in the car, while getting ready, or at home with a cup of tea. This is a conversation by women for women that will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take on the world. –Mia Williams




How can one book captivate the minds of top business moguls and prison inmates alike? The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene remains at the top of my book recommendation list. The national bestseller recommends 48 Laws that, if followed, will get you to the top. These laws are applicable when navigating business deals, in the work place, or in social groups. Each of the 48 laws are supported with examples from history’s greatest leaders to demonstrate how each law plays out when utilized correctly. With over 1.2 million copies sold, this book has peaked the interest of entertainers from Jay Z and Will Smith to leaders like Fidel Castro. If you ever want to know methods to obtaining power, gaining respect, and getting what you want even from your enemies…invest in the 48 laws! -Mia Williams

Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code, gave a brilliant Ted Talk in 2016 on the importance of teaching girls bravery over perfection. We raise our girls to be perfect yet, we raise our boys to be brave. It's important for young women to understand that it's okay to be brave. It's okay to take risks in the workplace, in school, and in male-dominated fields-- particularly technology. If women could grasp this concept and encourage the next generation of girls to do the same, imagine the impact that it could have. -Mia Williams