What is the Colors of Her Success

The Colors of Her Success is a media platform dedicated to giving black and brown women the tools they need to navigate their seat at the table.

We know that securing your first big girl job is exciting — but, once the excitement fades, you realize it’s only the beginning.


Navigating the ins and outs of your career be it in corporate America or as the CEO of your own business can be tough. The Colors of Her Success is your one stop shop to getting the tips, tools, and resources you need to successfully navigate your seat at the table.


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Our Story

It all started with Olivia Pope.

I learned the importance of representation when Shonda Rhimes introduced me to Olivia Pope. That was the first time I’d seen a powerful, brown-skinned Black woman as a main character on a primetime TV series.


She was magnetic, powerful, and she looked like me. I saw myself in Olivia Pope. She gave me a new confidence in myself. That is the impact that representation can have. That is why representation is important.


TCHS was built because we need more high-powered women of color -- the real Olivia Popes of the world -- highlighted in the media.


Meet The FoundHER

My name is Mia Williams, I’m from PG County Maryland, and yes, I started this platform because of my admiration for Olivia Pope.


As a professional development nerd, I wanted to see a space that highlighted successful women of color while preparing up and coming professionals for their own success.


Professionally, I spent most of college working at the Towson University Career Center helping my peers strengthen their professional development skills. I graduated with 5 internships at notable organizations and landed my target  full-time position at a leading consulting firm.


Personally, I’m just a 24-year old learning the ins and out of corporate world while still living it up in the real world. If I’m not working on TCHS, I’m listening to the Myleik Teele Podcast, getting dolled up for dinner dates, or devouring books I find on Book Tik Tok..


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I can’t wait to share your story!

xoxo Mia